Core Activation & Chronic Low Back Pain

In one of the first blogs i wrote, I defined what our core actually consisted of while busting the fitness industries concept that a strong core means a ripped six pack. Our core is so much more than just rectus abdominus, “the six pack”, it starts from the very […]

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Ageing and its three biggest challenges

Age? Is it just a number or a mind thing? Yes, the body endures stresses on a daily basis as we grow older and things wear out on us. But can we age gracefully or do we have to accept it?

Can you say what you are doing now, you […]

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Balance and Proprioception

How good is your balance? Can you run without watching your feet? What about finding the light switch in the dark? Can you touch your finger to your nose with your eyes closed? The ability to perform these movements relies on the body’s balance and proprioception.

What is Proprioception?
Proprioception refers […]

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