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Exercises for Office Workers

We are always been told how prolonged sitting is for us. It is the new smoking of the era. It affects our health. Chances are, if you sit at a desk all day, then you already know it can make you feel tight and sluggish not to mention the […]

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Plane Flights and Back Pain

7 Strategies to Reduce Pain on Plane Flights

Plane flights can be taxing on the very best of backs. Unless you’re traveling in first class or business class, you’ll be stuck in cattle class like the rest of us. The uncomfortable chairs, small legroom and awkward sleeping positions, can all […]

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Back pain – it can happen to anyone.

Back pain can happen to anyone. Studies show that 80-90% of people will suffer back pain in their life and that at any given time approximately 30% of the population are suffering from pain. It can be debilitating, but too often we ignore the pain or mask it with […]

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Text neck

How much do you use your phone during the day? Are you always texting or using your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, mobile phone) for Facebook and twittering? Does your child have a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP? Then you or your family might be starting to suffer from a […]

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