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Headaches are a very common complaint of which most people at some stage will suffer from in their life. Whether the headache is sharp or dull, brief or constant, there are many different causes. At Neurohealth, a full client history is taken to determine the cause of every headache. […]

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Back pain – it can happen to anyone.

Back pain can happen to anyone. Studies show that 80-90% of people will suffer back pain in their life and that at any given time approximately 30% of the population are suffering from pain. It can be debilitating, but too often we ignore the pain or mask it with […]

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Back-To-School Tips

Ergonomics: yes ergonomics are just as important for kids as they are at the office. Slumping over a school classroom desk, just like slumping over a work desk, can lead to a lifetime of poor postural habits. Which then in turn will lead to musculoskeletal disorders, spinal joint restrictions […]

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Every back has its natural curves. When you look at the body from the side there is a natural curve at the neck, mid back and low back. When looking from behind the spine should be straight, if there is a curve to either side, a scoliosis present. Scoliosis […]

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How to beat the aging process (Part 1)

It happens to all of us. The years go by and we turn a little bit older and hopefully wiser for the experiences of the previous years. But due to this ever increasing number (age) our bodies start to ache and pain. Our reflexes start to get slower and […]

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