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Olympics, Sports and Chiropractic

Watching the Olympics on television and seeing the athletes at the top of their game, striving to be the best of the best and win the coveted ‘Olympic Gold medal’ is just amazing. Through hard work and dedication, these individuals are able to push the human body to achieve phenomenal […]

Fevers. Should we suppress or not?

Fevers, also known as pyrexia, is categorised by an elevation of the core body temperature above the normal range of 36.5–37.5 °C.

Hippocrates, the godfather of medicine, is famously quoted as saying, ‘give me a fever, and I can cure an illness.’

Over the years, we have lost our way and now […]

How to beat the aging process – part II

Avoid or minimise sugar. There is a growing amount of research that is supporting the theory that the consumption of sugar is a poison and that it is definitely responsible for obesity along with an array of other chronic and lethal diseases. The most recent research is showing that fructose […]

How to beat the aging process (Part 1)

It happens to all of us. The years go by and we turn a little bit older and hopefully wiser for the experiences of the previous years. But due to this ever increasing number (age) our bodies start to ache and pain. Our reflexes start to get slower and the […]

School Bags – A pain in the back!

According to an international study, daily backpack carrying has been shown to be the most frequent cause of discomfort for school children. School backpacks were felt to be heavy by 79.1% of children, caused them fatigue in 65.7% and caused back pain in 46.1%.

School can be a challenging time for […]

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