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Back pain – it can happen to anyone.

Back pain can happen to anyone. Studies show that 80-90% of people will suffer back pain in their life and that at any given time approximately 30% of the population are suffering from pain. It can be debilitating, but too often we ignore the pain or mask it with an […]

Hip Pain – is your hip really the cause?

The hips are a common location of pain and dysfunction, but is it really your hip that is causing the problem?

While there are many hip disorders directly related to the hip joint, it may not be your hip that is the cause of your pain and dysfunction. Several large structures […]


Every back has its natural curves. When you look at the body from the side there is a natural curve at the neck, mid back and low back. When looking from behind the spine should be straight, if there is a curve to either side, a scoliosis present. Scoliosis presents […]

What’s that cracking noise?

Have you ever wondered what the ‘cracking’ noise is when your chiropractor performs an adjustment? You might have heard it called an “adjustment” or a “cavitation”. Whilst you may understand these terms, you may not completely understand what actually causes the sound. Put simply, the sound is created by gas […]

High Heels. Are they really that bad for you?

Carrie Bradshaw had cupboards of them in Sex in the City. They can be a girl’s best friend, women love to go shopping for them and try them on.

This month, I look at the shoe that all women seem to love, the high heel. I hear many women tell me […]

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