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Foods for your Brain

First good food for the brain is Berries. Berries are full of memory-boosting nutrients. They are a rich source of anti-oxidative compounds like vitamins C, E, beta-carotene and other nutrients that can help curtail the circulating free redials in our body’s systems.

Research has shown that beneficial chemicals like ellagatannis […]

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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Some of the most common conditions that I see in the clinic are neck problems or shoulder and arm issues. These can be separate injuries causing a variety of upper limb signs and symptoms, or they are commonly related.

This month I am focusing on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. What is […]

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Brain Balancing Part II

This list can help you identify if your child’s academic problems are either a right or left brain weakness. Don’t expect to just tick off only right or left brain issues. Nothing is never so pure when it comes to dealing with human individuality. But if the brain is […]

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Osteoporosis and Chiropractic

Osteoporosis occurs when bones start losing minerals faster then the body can replace them. Calcium and Vitamin D are the main minerals involved and when levels become too low a decrease in bone density and mass will occur.

As most people know, Osteoporosis is more common in women, especially those […]

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Is your brain Left, Right or Balanced?

Relative to body size, the human brain is one of the largest among all living creatures. This is just not in size but in function as well. Conventional wisdom and general knowledge regarding sides of the brain states that artists and writers are right brained because they are creative, […]

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