Squats…. Are you doing them right?

Squats are essential to every human’s ability to move. They are the foundational exercise that promotes balance and mobility. When done correctly, squats will help improve knee stability and strengthen connective tissue. Simple form corrections can help eliminate knee pain.

They can be a great part of everybody’s exercise routine, […]

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Rotator Cuff Injuries

Why you should look at conservative therapy for rotator cuff injuries before surgery

In many cases patients believe that surgery is the answer. “It’s broken, therefore it must be repaired” seems to be the logic. In some circumstances surgery is warrented however, the results are mixed and make me wonder […]

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Sitting and 5 exercises to help

Sitting has become the normal today. More people sit and do not move than ever before. We sit to work, sit to travel, sit to eat and even sit to relax. On average, the office worker can sit up to 14-16 hours of today. That is huge. Our bodies […]

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Does your muscle have a mind of its own?

Does your muscle have a mind of its own?

There are different organ systems within our body which create memories. A basic example of this is a childhood memory from your past that is stored in your brain and you are reminded of that event when in a similar situation. […]

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Removing Sugar in 10 days

So we have survived the Christmas festivities! The foods were rich, and there was more then likely some overindulgence.  Now we have come to the end of the holiday period. Our kids are back at school along with our routines.

Lets re-set and start cleansing the body from the excesses that […]

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