13 11, 2018

Baby Carriers

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Chiropractors recommend wearing your baby facing inward. Here is why:

In recent times, there has been a rise in the ancient, natural practice of parents ‘wearing’ their babies. That being said, the modern world too often looks at fashion and convenience than what is right for the parent or baby. […]

17 10, 2018

Golf and Back Pain

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Summer is around the corner! This means longer and warmer days and elevated moods. With increased endorphins flowing through our veins we find ourselves getting outdoors more and increasing our activity level. One activity we see rise during summer is the practice of golf, whether done well or poorly. […]

27 09, 2018

Child Torticollis and Chiropractic

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What is torticollis?

Torticollis, sometimes known as wry neck, is a condition where a child’s head is tilted to one side, while the chin is tilted to the opposite direction. This produces a ‘twisting’ appearance in the face of the child and can result in difficulty turning the neck. There are […]

9 08, 2018

Rib Pain & Dysfunction – Breathe Easy with Chiropractic!

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How can ribs become dysfunctional?

Did you know that you have 24 ribs that go from the top your shoulders (T1) down to your mid to lower back (T12)? They are on the front, back and side of our thorax/chest. Ribs are designed to protect our lungs and heart from […]

4 07, 2018

Knee pain.. Is it really your knee?

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Knee injuries can be quite frustrating when trying to return to sport or activity. Sharp, dull aching, they seem to linger and always let us know “I’m still here”. But is it really the knee that is the source of pain or discomfort?

The joints in our body like to […]